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I know you. You have very good intentions to be wealthy. When you are rich, you will use your money to help the poor, uplift your family, invest in small businesses, donate to charities or something to that effect. Also, you do everything you can to become wealthy: You work hard, your shelves are lined with books on wealth creation, you say your daily affirmations, you made a vision board and so forth… Maybe you have even written a cheque to yourself, you know that kind. Still, no matter what the investment experts and law of attraction crazies say, you still have more month left after the end of your money. So why is that? Why doesn’t the self-help mumbo jumbo help?

It’s All About The Mindset

You knew I was going to say this didn’t, you? That is because it is true. Face it: everything you do comes from your thoughts. You wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t think about it first, even if the thought was unconscious. You work hard, but earn little because you make the wrong choices and work on the wrong stuff. The wealth creation books doesn’t work, because you are to scared to follow their advice. Your affirmations doesn’t work, because they aren’t relevant to you. The cheque isn’t sending signals to the universe to bring you money, because what does that even mean?

So if the universe doesn’t care about your wealth? Well you do! If you don’t, then why are you reading? So step 1 in becoming wealthy: Start caring about it! There are more to it though, so continue reading if you are in for making lasting change to your financial position.

Find Your Limiting Beliefs

Almost any change you fail to make in your life are due to your limiting beliefs. You don’t make the necessary changes, because you think it is impossible or not worth it. The same with wealth. Chances are that you aren’t wealthy, because you don’t believe that it is possible or good for you to be wealthy. So, in order to change this around, you will have to find and eliminate your beliefs. To do this, have a long hard think about why you aren’t wealthy… It is a awful exercise, I know. It doesn’t feel good, but we’ll have to uproot those limiting beliefs somehow. You can expedite this by talking to your life coach.

Some limiting beliefs about wealth:

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. I need money to make money.
  3. I am risk-averse.
  4. I don’t have enough time.
  5. I’m too old.
  6. Finances are complicated.
  7. I can’t expect someone to pay me for doing something I enjoy.
  8. I’m not smart enough.
  9. Not everybody can be wealthy.
  10. You need to be born into wealth to be wealthy.

When you have your answer about why you aren’t wealthy, I want you to recognise those reasons for what they are: Beliefs. “But it’s true!” I hear you say. Yeah, maybe… They might be true for you, but what is true for you isn’t always true. And what is objectively true, doesn’t need to be true for you. How do you know that your truth is really true anyway? I think you should change what is true for you to be what is good to be true for you. Enough philosophical mumbo jumbo for now. Change what you believe, otherwise you won’t ever be wealthy.

Get Your Affirmations Right

The point of affirmations are to change your beliefs. If you have been doing your affirmations for any other reason, you have been duped. So why does affirmations work? Well, a belief is nothing but a thought… a very deeply ingrained thought. When you think a certain thought over and over again, you will become less and less concious of that thought. After a while you won’t consciously think that thought anymore, but you will know it is true. Congratulations on your new belief! I hope it isĀ  an empowering one. Affirmations forces you to think a certain thought by saying it out loud. With enough repetition, your thoughts will become your beliefs.

The point then, is to have the right affirmations. What is the right affirmations? Well, empowering beliefs about money of course! When I work with my clients, I usually just take the opposite of their limiting beliefs. That usually works well. Also make sure to state your beliefs in a positive way. If you say “I am not doomed to be poor,’ you are still thinking about doom and poverty, which isn’t helping. Rather say: “I have a life of abundance!” Way better right? You are thinking more positive thoughts already!

Some empowering beliefs about wealth:

  1. Money is a great tool for doing good.
  2. I make money from scratch.
  3. I manage risk well.
  4. I make time to take care of my finances.
  5. I am young enough to start something new.
  6. I can learn anything about finances.
  7. People will pay me for the value I add.
  8. I will use my intellect to look for opportunities.
  9. There is enough wealth to go around.
  10. I can make my own wealth.

Now, before you start saying your affirmations twice a day, there is something more to do. See, affirmations won’t work if you don’t have a reason to believe the stuff you are going to affirm. So for every empowering belief, find at least two pieces of evidence to support it. For instance for “I make money from scratch,” you can think of times you created something of value with very little resources… like a school project or something. I am sure you are smart enough to figure it out.

Also, write down these beliefs on a piece of paper, make it pretty, and stick it somewhere you will see it every day. This is a way to use subliminal advertising to your advantage. And yes, subliminal advertising does work, why else do you think corporations pour millions into billboards? Those guys don’t like wasteful expenditures.

Enough about beliefs and affirmations. I think you got the point. There is more to it than just beliefs.

Live A Life Of Gratitude And Abundance

Nice one Arie! How am I supposed to live abundantly if I barely have enough to make it through every month? Well, maybe you should start with a budget, you will be surprised at where you are wasting your money. Unless you earn less than a casual construction worker, I refuse to believe that you don’t have enough to make it through every month. I have seen casual construction workers make it through every month on less than R100 per day. So quit complaining.

So, now that you have someone earning less than R100 per day in your mind. I want you to compare yourself to that person in your mind. Where do you think they live? A nice flat in the city or suburbs? I think not. Which car do they drive? An old skedonk that are only held together by luck? Nope, you need to earn at least 4 times as much to afford your skedonk. How many meals do they eat in a day? 3? Nope, maybe 1 a day if they don’t have a family to take care of… See, you do have a life of abundance! Now is the time for you to acknowledge your abundance and be grateful for it!

How will acknowledging my abundance and being grateful help me become wealthy then? Well, when you know how much abundance you have, you can redirect your money and time. Identify where you are frivolously spending your resources, and divert it towards worthwhile investments. Remember that investments come in many forms, you don’t have to buy property or shares. You can also invest in yourself through education and personal development. You can invest in your own business by starting a part-time thing. You can invest into your relationship with your employer, which will bring it’s own financial rewards. Gratefulness, while very important, is a little off topic, so I will address it in a future post.

Why Do You Want To Be Wealthy?

No, I am not questioning whether you really want to be wealthy. I know you do, you are human. I want you to think about your reasons for becoming wealthy. It happens very rarely for people to want wealth for the sake of it. You want to be wealthy, because you will have something deeper to gain from it. Take some time to think about it. When you know why you want your wealth, write it down right next to your affirmations. Write it in this way: “My wealth allows me to experience more [whatever your wealth gives you] in my life.” Good, this is a little thing we call inspiration. Super important stuff, inspiration is motivation’s big brother.

Are You Ready?

See, good things take hard work, and personal change also takes hard work. If you followed the advice in this post, you will have made good progress in working on yourself. You are now in a way better shape to become wealthy. However, wealth doesn’t just come by itself. Now it is time for you to get back to work. Work hard, improve yourself, keep saying your affirmations and review those wealth creation books. Maybe even keep that cheque you wrote yourself, it can serve you very well as a way to motivate yourself.


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