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Since I started my journey as a Life Coach, I have encountered many people (even friends and family) that don’t understand why someone would pay for the services of a life coach. It is quite a task to explain the real value of life coaching in a conversation, but a blog post is a great way to touch on most of the major points. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea on the value coaching can add to your life.

1. Financial Gains

Hiring a life coach is an investment. You invest in yourself, your happiness, your development, and your fulfillment. With a life coach, you will find and challenge the ways in which you limit yourself from growing in your career or business. Once you move or eradicate those limits, your career or business will grow which obviously results in a growth of financial rewards.

An important element in our working lives is the happiness we derive from the work we do. If you are unhappy in your job, this will definitely impact your ambition and by extension your finances. This might mean that you need to completely change your career, but doing so is way easier with a coach than without one anyway. It is also one of the things I really enjoy doing with my clients, so if you’d like to change your career, make sure to contact me.

2. More Amazing Experiments

Life is an amazing experiment, hence the name for my website. Would you like to experience more of life, rather than just going through the motions? Of course you do, everybody does! Your life coach will help you align your lifestyle to your values. With your coach you will figure out what makes you tick, and how to have more of that in your life. Don’t you think your life will be better if everything in it is just… right for you? Think how much happier you can be, and get a life coach to help you get to that point.

3. Better Relationships, Improved Networks

Our relationships are key to our success and functioning in life. A decent life coach will help you strengthen the relationships you already have, and to attract the right people into your life.

Look at your current relationships to your friends, family, colleagues, and superiors. I am sure you would like to improve some of those relationships. These people are our key support networks, we rely on them almost daily for success. A life coach will help you understand yourself and your relationships better. Also, as you become more self-aware of how you project on other people, this will greatly help you improve your relationships.

Who are the kind of people you want or need to attract in your life? A life coach can help you answer this question, and help to get you to a spot where you attract these kinds of people into your life. The extra confidence will also help 😉

4. Help With Big Decisions

Winners always bounce their ideas off other people before they make a decision. A life coach is the perfect person to do this, because we are excellent at asking you the right questions. Having a life coach is like having a mirror for your thoughts.

Life coaching will also put you in touch with your values and needs. When you know what is important to you in life, decisions become easier.

5. Faster Development

Personal development is central to what life coaches do. There is no way that working with a life coach won’t speed up your personal development, even if you work with an inferior coach. Not that you should work with an inferior coach, try to find the best you can afford 😉

As I mentioned earlier, coaches help clients zone in on and remove the stumbling blocks in their lives. Once you have dealt with the stuff that holds you back, you can become the person that you want to be. Finding out who you really want to be, however, is a difficult task to take on alone, so it is wise to have a coach to accompany you on that journey.

6. Focused Help

A coach has seen many people develop in many different ways. We have seen what worked, and what didn’t work from our clients, each other’s clients, and case studies. We can bring that knowledge to the table for your personal development. It is very likely that we have worked with, or know, someone else that did what you want to do. If you are stuck in some way, or need help in another, talk to a life coach.

7. New Solutions

Life coaches are experts at getting clients to extend their boundaries beyond what they originally thought was possible. We can help you connect with your most core values, which will make the goal setting process easier. Once a goal aligns with your values, it will be easier for you to attain that goal in creative and innovative ways. This is also good for confidence, which is an important attribute to have, as it has far-reaching implications for your entire life.

8. Improved Drive

By holding a mirror to your thought process, a life coach will help you to better plan out your path to your goals. Every person is unique, so a book might be of good use for your project in general, but discussing your challenges with someone who has a holistic view of your life is incredibly valuable. Speaking of books, a self-help book can be put back on the shelf when you want to give up on your goals, but you can’t put your life coach on the shelf as easily! The accountability that you will have with your coach will definitely be beneficial to your drive.

All in all, your entire life can improve with the help of the coach. After your professional qualification and your retirement plan, life coaching is the best investments you can make. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to my contact page, and book your free session now.


  1. Just wanted to say so long that I enjoyed the blog post and agree fully with your sentiment around the subject of having a life couch guide, support and drive you in a positive direction, that as you mentioned, helps align our inner self with who we really are and want to be, even if we ourselves don’t realize or know what or how that looks like yet. In our busy lives we are not always conscious or aware of so many aspects to our own selves. We unwittingly sabotage our own growth and success with untruths we tell ourselves and self doubt fueled with our own complacency. In doing so, we build walls in our own minds that need to be broken down to the foundation so we can see the bigger, better picture. With the right level of guidance and the re-alignment of our values with life couching, we can build the “home” we always wanted and dreamed about, and this, with a beautiful view of our future…

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